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Jennifer Wang

Master of Science in Social Policy, candidate,

School of Social Policy and Practice (SP2),

University of Pennsylvania




How bad is it



Mist and fog ruled the sky for days. It may remind some people of the once prevailing seasonal sand storm in Beijing during spring time nearly a decade ago. However, the sand storm did not trigger massive concerns as of its transiency and intoxication. 

Due to the quantifiable Air Quality Index (AQI), people started to get a sense of the severity of the pollution and therefore took the pollution seriously...

Air Monitoring​

Industrial Regulations​

Information Transparency​

Public Trust

Development Dilemma

Environmental Protection



Live or Leave


Middle-aged residents, who have been living in Beijing since their birth, recently began to think about the possibility of moving to other cities with cleaner sky. Thick layer of dust blocked the view of building 500-yard away. Every one wore protective mask on the road, even did some drivers. Schools cancelled all kinds of outdoor activities. Ten o'clock in the morning seemed like the darkness before a blizzard... Sounds like Resident Evil in reality?


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China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued the official notice named the Implement Plan for the Second Stage Air Quality Monitoring under New Standards. According to this regulation, 116 cities nationwide are required to start monitoring on six air pollutants including PM2.5 by October, 2013 and to release the monitoring results by the end of this year.


Chinese government ordered stricter air pollution monitoring standards in the mega-cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Tianjin, 27 provincial capitals, and three key industrial belts: the Yangtze and Pearl River deltas, and Beijing's hinterland. Another 113 cities must adopt new standards next year, and all but the smallest cities by 2015. Social network was held major credits to push the progress of implementing air quality monitoring nationwide.


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